Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tulip Magnolias for the Twitter Art Exhibit

Tulip Magnolia, 4.5 x 6 inches, watercolor on paper
In November 2010 I entered my first Twitter Art Exhibit, a collaborative fund-raising effort to help a library in Moss, Norway. All I had to do was submit a postcard sized painting and share it on Twitter. Sales of paintings contributed by artists all over the world raised enough money to purchase 220 new children's books for the library. I'm really proud that I participated - because you know I love libraries!

Now David Sandum (the Norwegian artist who organized the first Twitter art exhibit), is doing another one, this time to raise funds for a women's crisis center in Moss, Norway. I'm participating again, and above is my little postcard sized painting of a tulip magnolia.

Since the painting is so small, and my watercolor paper is much larger, I divided it into four sections, so I could do four little paintings and then select the best one. Below are the three that I didn't select, but that I still like very much.

It amazes me that all these artists that don't even know each other can join in on something like this. That's the web, connecting us all together!

If you're a Twitter person like David and I, follow us on Twitter for, you know, artsy tech stuff! I'm artsylady and he's DavidSandumArt. You can also see this painting on my website at

Tulip Magnolia #2 (not selected)
Tulip Magnolia #3 (not selected)
Tulip Magnolia #4 (not selected)