Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunset's Repose

Sunset's Repose - 30 x 40 - oil on canvas - top
Study for Sunset's Repose - 10 x 14 - watercolor - bottom
See both paintings at Sunset's Repose
Naming my paintings is usually synonymous with the crystallization of the idea for the painting, but not always. Sometimes I finish a painting and still don't know what to name it.

My fans follow my paintings on Facebook. When I told them I was stumped as to her name, they jumped in with all kinds of ideas, all of which seemed to reflect the mood, like:
  • Inner Reflection
  • A Musing
  • Moment's Rest
  • Reflections Within
  • Tainted Soul
But I just couldn't pick one. She sat on my easel the whole month of February while ideas circled my brain. They started a train of thought that went like this > she's tired > she's resting > she's shutting down > it's the end of something > it's over. Which got me thinking about sunsets and how they happen every day, no matter what. We all go to bed every night, closing the door on another day.

All that thinking eventually led me to her name: Sunset's Repose. She's resting at the end of something important. Maybe it's just a day, maybe it's something bigger. In any case, something is over, she's tired and about to close the book.

And with that, she's finished!

Special thanks to my Facebook fans because you helped name her, really, even though I didn't pick your idea. Your ideas were the catalysts that inspired the train of thought that eventually led to her name.

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Katherine Thomas said...

Oh Marie, this is incredible. The painting, the text you wrote... It's all so beautiful! Congratulations! You should be so proud of this painting!