Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Girl Sleeping, a Resolution for 2011

Girl Sleeping - 16 x 20 - oil - top
Girl Sleeping - in progress - center
Girl Sleeping - Verdaccio - bottom
The beginning of every year brings renewed resolutions to paint more, paint differently, paint with focus. This year was no different. Yet it was.

After the ritual studio cleaning and moving, I sat and analyzed what I'd accomplished in 2010, and what really had meaning in my paintings. I realized, as I've done so many times before, that returning to that inner space, that inner soul of creativity, is the only way to proceed.

I wish I had a photo taken by my Dad when I was 7. I proudly held up a drawing I'd done of three queens. They were long, fittted with elegant tiaras and wearing flowing gowns. I loved those ladies. I wanted to do nothing more than draw people.

A lifetime later nothing has changed, except perhaps this body! I still want to paint people, and people tell me that's what I'm best at.

Thus, a practice painting, copied from a masterwork by Sandor Liezen-Mayer. I found it online while trollling the Internet, that treasure trove of artist inspiration. Google Sandor and you won't find much, but I discovered he was Hungarian, his works were classified as iconic realism, and he painted Girl Sleeping in 1867. That's about it.

But it got me back into the state of mind required for skin tones, atmosphere and focused blending. I don't mean to say I captured anywhere near his delicate and mysterious glazing and skin tones, but I am satisfied with what I accomplished.

Cest' fini, Girl Sleeping. Renewal. 2011 shall bring forth more figure works.


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Oil Paintings said...

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This is a really beautiful painting ! Thanks for providing a little inspiration and happiness.