Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Trip to Pike Place Market

Pomegranate, Persimmon and Grapes - oil - 11 x 14, top
Two Pears - oil - 8 x 10, center
Pike Place Market fruits and vegetables, bottom

We spent a day in Seattle marvelling over Picasso's works at the Seattle Art Museum, and strolling through Pike Place Market, followed by lunch at our favorite, Ivars.

The weather was clear and the fruit stands were colorful. I snapped lots of pictures. It brought to mind a recent Oregon Art Beat episode about an artist who picked out her painting subjects at fruit stands. So I decided to try it too. The nice fruit-stand guy kept offering me tastes of this and that fruit but I said no, they had to be pretty for a painting. He got the picture right away and picked out all kinds of nice colored ones with the caveat that I could eat them afterwards. Which is exactly what I did!

As soon as we got home I set up the two still life arrangements you see above. They were direct-painted and finished the same day. It was almost cathartic, because I so often work from photos that I forget how to paint from life. Like the Velveteen Rabbit, I discovered that yes, I'm real, 'cause I can paint something in front of me!

They'll be available, along with a selection of florals, at the LCREP Annual Art Gala on December 4. Then the holidays will be upon us and I'll probably be too busy to paint.

But there's always the New Year!

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 



Wonderful paintings !!!
It is a great pleasure visiting your Art-Blog . My best wishes to you !!!

Manuel Teixeira said...

Marie, I really enjoyed of your paintings, this picture of the fruit stand reminded me of my oil painting "In the markets " also portrays a fruit stand with the respective prices.