Sunday, October 03, 2010

Rhody #12 (Rhody Glow)

Rhody Glow - 11 x 14 - oil, top
Rhody Glow - 12 x 16 - watecolor, bottom

The finished painting of a white Rhododendron, the Washington State flower. Below it is the initial watercolor study.

I've painted Rhododendrons, oh, about 20 times, and each time I fall in love. They are so unique and full of personality.

These are fairly small, compared to some of my other paintings. But they required intense concentration. And you can see the top version contains some extra leaves. I felt they were needed in order to balance out the composition. That's why I always do a watercolor study first, so I can see if the composition really works.

Well, on to another painting!



Goodmorning and have a nice week ... Really it is very nice to start a new week with so beautiful flowers !!!

Joye Schwartz said...

These paintings really capture the essence of the flower, beautiful!