Saturday, August 07, 2010

Wind Paintings at Heritage Bank in Kalama (formerly Cowlitz Bank)

The artist space at Heritage Bank in Kalama (formerly Cowlitz Bank)

Several of my wind energy paintings are on display at Heritage Bank in Kalama. A couple of years ago the bank decided to feature local artists, and over the years many artists, including myself, have had the chance to display their work for free. Lots of people go to the bank regularly, giving the artists great exposure. It also gives local people art to look at during their daily activities (like banking).

My friends Liz who manages the bank, and Coco who recruits the artists and hangs the work, believe it's important to support the local community. I do too! I wish more banks and local businesses would do this. 

So if you have a chance to stop by Heritage Bank in Kalama (formerly Cowlitz Bank), please do so. It's the first time I've displayed any of my wind energy paintings since the Power of the Wind show at Lower Columbia College in January 2009.

You can see more wind art at REimaginations, the only online art gallery devoted to the beauty of windart.

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Karen Martin Sampson said...

Love your wind paintings - I think windmills are beautiful especially when they are in groups and all turning together - like ballet on the prairie!