Saturday, August 21, 2010

Eve Dipping Her Toe in the Waters of Eden

Eve Dipping Her Toe in the Waters of Eden - 30 x 40 - oil, top image
Eve installed at Naked Winery middle image
Adjacent wall featuring Orchid bottom image

My latest painting is a continuation of the Eve series, although done in a different technique. My focus continues to be the figure, because it's my first love. When I was a girl I drew ladies in the Sears catalog. In college I loved my live figure drawing classes. Today Allan and I try to get down to Hipbone Studio for figure sessions.

But not having live figure models for my paintings is a dilemma. I resolve it by using Flickr. There are wonderful photos by photographers from all over the world, much better than I could compose myself. As an artist I feel justified in using technology to aid my artistic vision. Artists like Vermeer did the same, using a camera obscura.

Eve is based on a photo taken by Alexandr Zadarika, a photographer from the Ukraine, who gave me permission to use it. Thank you Alexandr!

Other photographers have been equally generous, giving me permission to work from their photos, and often e-mailing me high resolution photos not available online.

I'm grateful, because without the technology and ability to communicate with people all over the world, I wouldn't be able to paint what I love.

We installed Eve at Naked Winery yesterday where she is hanging with many of my figure works.

Can you see the apple and snake?



BRAVO Maria !!! ITS A VERY NICE PAINTING !!! With my best regards !!!

Karen Martin Sampson said...

This is a very sensitive and unique viewpoint of Eve in Eden - love the bright colour and the sense of a beautiful "prehistoric" time that has an innocence the world no longer enjoys.