Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All the October Wind Paintings

The October Wind Series
left to right
October Wind #3 - 18 x 24 - on the artist's lap
October Wind #4 -  18 x 24 - middle, top row
October Wind #5 - 18 x 24 - far right, top row
October Wind #2 - 12 x 16 - bottom left
October Wind #1 - 18 x 24 - bottom right 

Sometimes it's hard for people who don't work with typical artwork sizes to visualize how big (or small) they are when hung on a wall. Of course, how big or small the artwork appears depends upon the size of the wall!

Reimaginations sent me a purchase inquiry for two of my October Wind paintings, so I decided to post a picture of myself with the series on my couch so that the potential buyer could get a feel for their size. Yup, that's me in my living room with the whole October Wind series!

I'm hoping to paint another one soon, but time is scarce these days and I have some other painting commitments. I hope the potential purchaser likes them. I think they belong on a wall where people can see them and think about the importance of wind energy, instead of collecting dust in my storage closet!

 I love the colors because they remind me of eastern Washington, which also reminds of western Montana where I went to school. There's so much sky there. The actual location that inspired them is the Washington side of the Columbia River gorge, where wind turbines can be seen churning away from almost every vantage point. 

Even more interesting, for anyone with connections to the maritime industry (like me) is that the components for most of gorge turbines were handled through either the Port of Longview or the Port of Vancouver, two international shipping ports on the lower Columbia River. They compete with each other for the business, but more importantly, they are helping to shape the future of wind energy.

So here's to the Power of the Wind!

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Celeste Bergin said...

beautiful paintings and it is fun to see your front room. Oddly enough...I just posted a photo of *my* front room...however, I didn't think to sit with my paintings on the couch! haha--I love your wind series. I think because you know so much about it all--that shows in your paintings.