Monday, July 05, 2010

Painting at Entiat Park

Entiat Park - 9 x 12 - watercolor
done en-plein air at Entiat Park in Entiat, Washington
 Video: Watercolor Painting at Entiat Park

Have you ever tried to capture the hills and valleys of Eastern Washington? It looks easy. It's not!

We took a trip to Wenatchee to watch a baseball tournament and research family geneology. I'd been to the area 15+ years ago but didn't remember much. The surrounding towns of Leavenworth, Cashmere, Waterville and Entiat were quaint, picturesque and small-townish in a good way. Lake Chelan was beautiful but we didn't have time to stop. The weather was perfect! There was even a Bavarian festival happening in Leavenworth

So one morning we took a drive along the Columbia River and ended up at Entiat Park. It was as scenic as the Columbia River gorge. The view I captured in my painting is pretty much what I was looking at from a park picnic table anchored to the grassy bank. A park ranger on what looked like a mini-humvee motored by several times to check us out, while rowdy picnikers and waterskiers seemed to be having a great time. I wasn't able to finish though; had to do that back in the hotel room, which I did.


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Really I love this watercolour painting !!!