Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wedding Dress

Allan and I made our annual trip to Lake Sacajawea to photograph the blooming rhododendrons. I took so many pictures of all the blossoms. This year I fell in love with the creamy white and yellow rhodies for the first time. They reminded me of ivory lace, fluffy tulle and silk fabrics, like a wedding dress.

I looked through all my photos and my first inclination was to abstract the shapes. I kept going back to one photo for the shadow and petal shapes. It reminded me of a Georgia O'Keeffe, but with pink and purple pastel colors.

I tried to capture the shadows as if they were alive and moving, which they were when I took the photo. I think being an artist means putting colors in that your mind believes should be there, even though you didn't really see them. At least the camera didn't capture them, as you can see here.

I did two studies before starting the larger painting, The bottom image is the watercolor study. The middle image is a small oil study I did in one setting.They helped me determine placement and shape. I think the watercolor can stand on its own, because I'm getting better at watercolors.
I like Wedding Dress and I'm adding it to my collection of rhododendron paintings. This is number 12.

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Karen Martin Sampson said...

Rhodos are such fun! Your watercolour does indeed stand on its own - all three are beautiful. Love your choice of colours.