Saturday, June 05, 2010

Beauty Handbook, Reinventing Beauty, and Hollyhocks!

Hollyhocks, original oil painting by Marie Wise

I'm the first to admit I love products. All kinds, but especially beauty products. So I was excited (and honored) when the creative designer from Reinventing Beauty magazine contacted me to ask permission to feature one of my floral paintings in the next issue.

Creative Designer Jesse Parris selected my 2004 oil painting Hollyhocks (top image above) because the bright, springlike colors matched the color scheme he was using in the 2010 2nd quarter issue. And voila, by including my artwork in the magazine, I'm also featured on the editors page!

The third image above is the page 46-47 spread, which is the introduction to the 'Home' section featuring products used in the home. Hollyhocks is on the left (see how nicely the colors work together). At the bottom is my artist statement. It might be to small read in the image so click the link and you'll be able to read it.
The bottom image shows the editors page 12-13 spread. You can see my little pic on the left, third from the top.

Here's the whole magazine in Issuu which lets you page through just like if it were a real magazine.

I'd like to thank Jesse for including my artwork in the Reinventing Beauty 2010 2nd quarter issue. Thanks Jesse!

And you can pick up an issue of Reinventing Beauty for just 99 cents in any CVS pharmacy. It has lots of discount coupons for beauty and other products. Isn't that cool that an artist and beauty-product lover like me has her artwork featured in a beauty magazine. Especially one with Cameron Diaz on the cover!

Reinventing Beauty, 2010 2nd Quarter issue
Reinventing Beauty, 2010 2nd Quarter issue, page 12-13 spread (editors page)
Reinventing Beauty, 2010 2nd Quarter issue, page 46-47 spread (home splash page)
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bricarwaller said...

How exciting! It must feel great to see your artwork in print:) And it is a beautiful painting. I love the colors.

Karen Martin Sampson said...

Very nice and congratulations! Hollyhocks are one of my favorite flowers - my grandmother always had them growing in front of the cottage up at Lion's Head on Bruce Peninsula.

Celeste Bergin said...

congratulations! Magazines used to pay illustrators for things like that. But I understand..that it is nice exposure. Publication business has changed a lot. It is a beautiful painting..I can see why it caught her eye.