Saturday, April 10, 2010

Still Life with Pitcher

Still Life with Pitcher - 16 x 16 - oil on canvas (top)
Actual still life set up (bottom)

Like all artists I sometimes struggle for inspiration. About a month ago was one of those times. In between paintings and not sure what to tackle next. Allan said, "Why don't you paint a still life?" I scoffed, yeah right! Then stopped to think that maybe what he said made sense. I could paint all the stuff I really like to paint, like fabric.

But I had no idea painting a still life would mean re-arranging my entire studio, which is exactly what I did, in order to get my easel, painting table and still life table in exactly the right spot. It took like a week. Then I had to rearrange my storage closet, because the fabric I'd collected years ago for quilt projects was stored in the back corner where I couldn't get it out. And I wanted some of that fabric in my still life. And then I didn't like the fabric after all so I had to visit JoAnne's fabric store and get some new fabric.

Then after all that I had to set up the still life and actually paint it. Which after all was said and done wasn't the hardest part, and was definitely the best part. So here is my first still life in ages, straight from my table set up (which you can see above) to my canvas.

Allan likes it, said it reminds him of a Margret Short. Marget Short! Now that's a compliment.

Maybe I'll try another one, now that my studio is cleaned up and my storage closet is organized.

Eggs and drapery anyone?


Painting Intimate Moments of Motherhood said...

better than a Short :) Great job Marie, and I'm waiting for the eggs and drapery! Love, Katie

Karen Martin Sampson said...

Yes, the Still Life is a time honoured shame in doing one! I LOVE painting fabric too and my stash of material goes way back. You must have heard that "the quilter (sewer, fibre artist, etc.) who dies with the biggest stash - WINS."
Lovely painting BTW.