Saturday, April 03, 2010

Gilded Angel

Gilded Angel - 36 x 48 - oil on canvas - Available

At last, the unnamed angel emerges. All the while she was in development on the easel, I had no idea what to name her. My Facebook fans gave me lots of ideas, including: Silence is Golden (Laurie Ambrose), Celeste, and Celestial Angel (Sharon Stewart), Stellar Angel (Mario Molinaro) and Golden Angel (my original idea).

I mulled them over and carefully considered whether they matched the gold faux finish background that envelopes her, and finally selected a name that seemed to encompass everyone's idea into one, Gilded Angel.

She sits upon my display easel, across from my work table, awaiting a coat of varnish. She will one day move to another location. Until then, she is gilded and waiting......

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Celeste Bergin said...

another beautiful painting...I would have voted for "Celeste"!