Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sedona Paintings: Flat Rock

top to bottom
Flat Rock - watercolor - 6 x 9
Flat Rock - watercolor sketch - 3.5 x 11 (double spread)
Flat Rock - pencil sketch - 3.5 x 5.5
This is the last of my Sedona paintings. The flat rock was another magnificent view next to Bell Rock. Again, I could not possibly capture all of the rock, so I focused on the pancake shaped top. Also, the sky was overcast that morning. It cleared up later in the day. It was our only day in Sedona where the sun did not shine all day.
The greens in Sedona are the loveliest sage color I have ever seen. It is hard to capture in watercolor because you almost have to cancel all the yellow out of your green to create it, which is nie impossible because without the yellow in blue, you do not have green. So I mixed and mixed; less yellow, more blue, but never did get it completely right.
As with my other Sedona paintings, I did a little sketch in my Moleskine notebook, followed by a watercolor study in my Moleskine notebook, followed by the painting on Twinrocker handmade, cold-pressed watercolor paper. I used mostly Daniel Smith watercolors (the best in the world), including several of the quinacridone colors.
Here are the other Sedona paintings:
Sedona: Bell Rock
Sedona: Shadow
Sedona: Side Rock
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