Monday, March 15, 2010

October Wind #5 & My Blog is Carbon Neutral!

October Wind #5 - oil on panel - 18 x 24

With my interest in renewable wind energy, I thought it appropriate to include information about carbon-neutral blogging. I received an e-mail from a German based company called kaufDA, working for an initiative called 'Make it Green!' Their goal is to reduce the carbon footprint by raising awareness of carbon emissions.
They told me blogs emit carbon dioxide. I had no idea, but I'm obviously emitting carbons, because I blog a lot! Or maybe it's that the operation of my computer does the emitting, whether I'm blogging or not. The solution, they explained, is for me to post a button demonstrating I care about the environment on my blog, and in return they will plant a tree for every participating blog.
Having worked in PR long enough, I realize the button is the 'awareness' tool, but the trees are the real action tactic. So in that regard, I think it is a good endeavor. And if I can help, even a little bit, I'm glad to do so.
So I have posted the 'My Blog is Carbon Neutral' button (in green on the right) on all my blogs, which includes this one, Art Journey Techniques, and Art Journey iPhone. One blog - one tree. That's three for me! The trees will be planted in cooperation with the Arbor Day Foundation in Plumas National Forest in Northern California.
Northern California is also an area with a lot of wind turbines! Speaking of wind, here's my painting, October Wind #5, in honor of the wind turbines located along the scenic Columbia River Gorge in Kittitas County, Washington. They are making a big difference in carbon reductions and other important renewable energy efficiencies.
Here are the other paintings in my October Wind series:
October Wind #1 (originally named Klickitat Wind #1)
If you recieved this blog post twice, I apologize. I goofed up!
KaufDa, I can't wait to see my trees! If you would like to plant a tree for your blog too, just go to KaufDa and follow the instructions!

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Celeste Bergin said...

well, how cool that you are having some trees planted--just because you blog. I rather like that! All your wind paintings are just right. You are certainly the right person to paint them!