Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hibiscus Commission - watercolor study

A small study of Hibiscus for a larger commissioned painting
9 x 12
watercolor on paper
I'm working on a commissioned oil painting of some beautiful Hibiscus blossoms. For most of my paintings I like to work out the symmetry of colors and shapes with a little study beforehand. It lets me see how all the elements work together and whether I need to change anything. Plus, I get to dabble in all my luscious watercolors without worrying about messing up!
I'm thinking I need to add more leaf shapes in the bottom left area along with some stems in the background. I also need more lighter blue shapes in the top-right dark area. This will help balance out the larger dark areas and keep them from going flat.
I'll also need to cool some of the shadow areas on the petals so they aren't so uniformly rosy. If I was looking at this scene in nature, my eyes would be able to tell the difference between the light and shadowed areas on the petals. Working from a photo mutes this, so I have to compensate.
This gives my client an idea of what the painting will look like. If she wants any adjustments I can easily make them, because I haven't started the painting yet. So I'll await her feedback and hope she likes it!

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Donna D said...

Looks good, but didn't think the flowers were quite that red looking in the photo. Will they be more pink in the final painting?

What you can't see in the background in the upper right side is my white siding on the house. Those flowers were taken from my back deck. But, I like your use of blue instead. It is fine to put more leafs in the bottom left corner. Do you want some pictures of some leafs of the same plant? I have several other photos of the leafs with some buds. I'll send you a couple.

Question. What do you do with your water color studies? I wouldn't mind having one along with the painting, Make a good history to keep with the painting for years to come.