Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hibiscus Commission - watercolor study #2

A second study of Hibiscus for a larger commissioned painting
9 x 12
watercolor on paper
I'm working on a commissioned oil painting of some beautiful Hibiscus blossoms. This is my second watercolor study to work out the colors and shapes. In the first study there was a blossom at the bottom right, but I removed it and added leaves and stems. I also added in a bud plus two unopened buds at the top right.
The client also said she thought the first study was too red. So I toned down the pink and added more cools so the shadow areas would be evident.
I think I am ready to start on the oil painting, but I'll await my client's feedback on whether she likes this composition. Personally I like it much better.


wisebusiness said...

Hi, I like it. Very nice placements of the buds. Go ahead and work away, at your convenience. No rush here on my end. I like the 'pinker' color. I hope you have fun with this.

Donna D.

r garriott said...

Lovely, vivid colors!

Celeste Bergin said...

Your flowers are so nicely done--! crisp and bright. Excellent.