Saturday, March 13, 2010

Eric Jacobsen Still Life Painting Workshop

Eric Jacobsen Still Life Painting Workshop
top to bottom
Marie's painting - 8 x 10
Allan's painting - 11 x 14
Eric doing the demonstration painting
Marie painting

We had a lovely painting day at a still life oil painting workshop by artist Eric Jacobsen. He did a demonstration painting, then we painted from several still life set ups around the room. It's amazing how difficult it is to organize your composition within the confines of the canvas space.

I learned about light and shadow and how to break up edges. We worked from a simple palette consisting of a warm and cool yellow, red and blue, plus orange. Eric explained that everyone sees color differently, so when creating a painting it's less important to get the color exactly right, and more important to get the warm/cool and values correct. As it turned out, my painting shows a somewhat orange table covering, when it really was more of a rose red color. But I had to warm it up with some orange, in order to follow the rule of warm light, cool shadows. Turns out, it worked after all.

Allan's painting is one of my favorites. Eric said it had a 'Van Gogh' quality, which is quite a compliment. The pink petals against the yellow background are what make it special. I think it's a keeper!


Celeste Bergin said...

great report, Marie--and you and Allan both did great paintings that employed things Eric talked about during his demonstration. A very good workshop--it was great to see you there.

PK 09 said...

Nice paintings!