Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wood Duck

Wood Duck - 11 x 14 - oil on panel

Allan likes to stroll the banks of the Columbia River and mentioned he'd seen a Wood Duck. I had no idea what one looked like, although I've probably seen one before. There's lots of flora and fauna down there that I don't normally pay attention to.

So I looked it up in one of our Northwest picture books and decided to paint one, mainly because its little head has a thatch of bright green feathers that I could easily capture with one of the modern pthalocyanine pigments (that I so love).

Now that I painted this duck, you'd think I'd know why I painted it, other than because my husband mentioned it, but I really have no idea what inspired me after all. So here it is. You be the judge!

~ I will keep the brush happy in my hand! ~


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Celeste Bergin said...

a wood duck is a remarkable creature! You did a great job on this painting