Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Delicate Watercolor of St. Louis Cathedral

Plein air Watercolor painting on paper
St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans
9 x 12
Allan Wise
In October 2007 Allan and I took a trip to New Orleans. Some parts of the trip were fabulous, others not so much. While I was hard at work Allan had time to explore the French Quarter, Mississippi River, Andrew Jackson park and other landmarks. He did several quick plein air watercolors of the picturesque area around St. Louis Cathedral, including the cathedral itself. I only got 15 short minutes to duck into the cathedral at closing time, but did manage to soak in some of the magnificence. Then we came home and went about our life.

Just recently a nice lady from the South e-mailed me asking permission to use Allan's painting on her daughter's wedding invitation! She'd found it via Google, because although we'd filed our trip away in a memory box, Allan posted some of his paintings on his blog, which was how she found it.

I find this fascinating, that people clear across the nation, who we've never met and likely never will, can find a piece of our lives online, and include it into their own. That would never have been possible pre-Internet. It makes me feel connected somehow, to people I don't even know.

So we gladly granted permission, and are quite pleased that Allan's painting is going to grace a new bride's announcement of her wedding. We hope it turns out as nice as it makes Allan feel about having his painting included in such a momentous occasion!

Kudo's Allan, my love, for capturing St. Louis Cathedral with your paintbrush one afternoon in October 2007! You did good!


Celeste Bergin said...

Well, that is some story! I agree with you--it is totally magic that we get to connect with people we've never met and share things with them. It is weird and wonderful. Your husband is nice to share his work and on such a lovely occasion.. !

Joey said...

I love this post.. the way you write.

The painting is beautiful.