Thursday, December 03, 2009

December Happenings at the Broadway Gallery

I stopped by the Broadway Gallery at noon to deliver my paintings, fully intending to return for First Thursday happenings. But my best laid plans were laid awry because I ended up caught at the office with a last minute project. It's a good thing I snapped these photos when I was there. They represent a sampling of the holiday spirit that permeates the gallery air.
The Lower Columbia Woodcarver's Association featured the carved Christmas Santas my Dad collected for years. He handed them down to me and just today Allan put them out on our windowsill together with other holiday decor. I'd love to get another one. The carver Dad loved the best was Pat Hallowell, I think she's deceased now, because I didn't see her name on any of them. But I took a fancy to the 'Moon Santa' seen above!
Debby Neely's prints were grouped together (second photo), which I love because I can see and evaluate all of the artist's work in one location. Debby is a relief printmaker. Her scenes of ducks and water are traditional and stylized. She's very talented. I haven't seen her in a while though.
The third photo shows the featured artists' wall. This month it was dedicated to a selection of different artists, very eclectic!
I snapped a photo of Trudy Woods soothing blue ceramic work, but mysteriously it disappeared from my iphone! Must have been that tricky shutter! Or maybe my klutzy thumb!
That's about all I have time for. Soon I'll be blogging and Twittering for the Broadway Gallery, as that's my gallery assignment. Such a hard job!
Take care and enjoy the approaching holidays!

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