Saturday, November 21, 2009

Holiday Happenings at the Broadway Gallery

Top to bottom:
Audrey Hoffman with her portrait in the background, paper works and woven scarves
Allan's Fav: Carole Boudreau's watercolor of ferns
Jane Gerdon at the cash register, Carole Boudrea's work in the background
Marie's Fav: Lorena Birk's small painting of a horse
We stopped by the Broadway Gallery for their Annual Holiday Open House on Saturday afternoon around 4:00 pm. Although the weather was nastily stormish there were a few people mulling around, listening to the music and in general admiring the paintings.
One of my favorite artists Audrey Hoffman was there and she showed me her work. On the shelf beside her colorful woven scarves and reclaimed paper diaries was a black-white photograph of her that reminded me of Georgia O'Keeffe. You can see it in the photo above. I hope I'm like Audrey someday! She laughs a lot and reminds me of what Georgia O'Keefe was probably like based on what I've read.
Allan and I always pick our fav artworks when we visit galleries and his by far was Carole Boudreau's watercolor of some ferns. You can see it in the second photo above. Carole is a skilled watercolor artist. Every time we see her work we go, ahhhhh!
I chatted briefly with Jane Gerdon at the cash register, explaining that I'd e-mailed the Broadway Gallery last January because I'm interested in joining again, but no one ever answered. Apparently my e-mails expired in cyberspace. Since the Rake Gallery dissolved I've considered rejoining the Broadway. So if they want me, I'm interested! Jane's pictured in the third photo above.
Finally, my fav was a small painting (very small) of a horse by Lorena Birk. In my opinion it was the best oil/acrylic piece in the gallery. I'm almost tempted to purchase, but then I'm not really a horsy person. You can see it in the fourth picture above.
While at the gallery I picked up a copy of North Bank magazine's winter 2009 issue which included a nice article about the Broadway Gallery written by Jessica Swanson. Jessica's my Facebook friend and she did a nice job. I think she's also a new mom. Thanks Jessica! However, the article mentioned today's holiday open house and said to, 'watch the [Broadway Gallery] website for more information.' So I checked the Broadway Gallery website and it appears the last time it was updated was September. I couldn't find any information about the holiday open house. Wonder if they're looking for a webmaster?
Finally, I'm hoping my friend Laurel Murphy will take the lead and start blogging about the local art scene. The best way to learn is to just do it!
~ I will keep the brush happy in my hands! ~


Painting Intimate Moments of Motherhood said...

I always really liked Audrey, too, and I love that photo of her.

Great for you for drawing attention to The Broadway!

Yes, Jessica is a BRAND new mommy :)

Have a great weekend, happy painting!


Celeste Bergin said...
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Celeste Bergin said...

Marie, I recently visited the is a very good Gallery indeed! Spacious..and the work looked great. I was impressed. Nice write up about your visit.