Sunday, November 29, 2009

Commissioned Portrait of Willow Moon

Artist at work on Willow Moon - 12 x 16 - charcoal on paper, top
Portrait of Willow Moon - 12 x 15 - charcoal on paper, middle
Portrait of Sunshine Blossom - 12 x 16 - charcoal on paper, bottom
Two years ago Mark Downey of Kelso contacted me to create a charcoal drawing of his new granddaughter Sunshine Blossom. I have no recollection of how he found me, but the result was the above charcoal portrait of a perky 6-month old toddler that he framed and gave to his daughter and son-in-law for Christmas.
Two years later Mark contacted me again to do a portrait of his new granddaughter, Willow Moon, with the intent of giving it as a Christmas present. After several fits and starts with the photo I was to work from (Mark doesn't have a computer and is proud of it) he delivered a photo via CD and flash drive. The result is seen above, a 12 x 16 charcoal drawing to which I added a moon and pussy willow branches onto Willow's tee-shirt. Several of my facebook friends inquired as to what 'Willow Moon' was, to which I replied she was an adobrable granddaughter, as granddaughters tend to be!
Mark is scheduled to pick up his portrait next week and take it to Michaels for framing with his 60% off coupon, as he did in 2006. I think it is a lovely gift, and gives me some much needed Christmas cash while keeping my drawing skills up-to-date.
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Painting Intimate Moments of Motherhood said...

Hi Marie,
lovely work! I think I referred Mark to you - I remember a man calling and asking me to do a portrait of his granddaughter and giving him your info - so glad it worked out - x2! Great job.
Have a lovely week!

Terri said...

Those are so sweet! Nice job as usual!