Thursday, October 01, 2009

October First Thursday Highlights

Margret Short at the Lawrence Gallery
Margret's display of Egyptian pigments (below)
First Thursday in Portland brought us several surprises. At the Lawrence Gallery we had the chance to chat with Margret Short and she was kind enough to pose for a picture, even though we'd just met. Margret's show, 'Lessons from the Pharoah's Tombs' consisted of her series of paintings exploring the pigments of ancient Egypt. Her paintings are so beautiful! She traveled to Egypt to study the Egyptian mytholody and painting methods. I admire Margret because she's a scholar of the 17th century Dutch artists, including Rembrandt. I also admire Rembrant, particularly after seeing his works at the Met last spring, so it was inspiring to talk with someone who's studied his work extensively.

Pictured above is Margret, below it is the glass cabinet displaying momentos from her trip, including glass bottles containing the actual Egyptian pigments that Margret used for her paintings.
State of Grace, Jennifer Gray at the Lawrence Gallery

At the Lawrence we also saw paintings by Jennifer Gray, a figure artist I've loved for several years. She typically paints in toned washes of browns, grays or greens. She also does some abstract work. This piece was amazing!

We were also surprised to also discover Bev Jozwiak is showing at the Lawrence, both watercolors and acrylics. We've always loved her work, having seen it in many shows and galleries over the years.

Tamara English at the ANKA Gallery

We were so surprised to discover that ANKA Gallery is located in the former Rake Gallery space, where I had my Metamorphosis show in December 2007. The Rake Gallery closed in July 2008, much to my dismay. Curator Jeremy Tucker had scheduled my Power of the Wind for September 2008, but had to cancel it. I subsequently showed these works at Lower Columbia College's Art Gallery in January 2009.

But our objective in visiting ANKA Gallery was to see Tamara English's paintings, which inspire me because she patterns her color and design after Persian rugs. I'm fond of intricate and delicate things, and just seeing her paintings makes me feel good. I'd buy one, if I wasn't such a starving artist myself!

We alse learned that the ANKA Gallery showing was part of a larger Portland celebration in honor of the Pacific Northwest College of Art's 100th anniversary. Galleries all over town were showing works by former students and/or instructors. Tamara apparently attended there.

Sherrie Wolf at the Laura Russo Gallery

At the Laura Russo Gallery I was taken aback at Sherrie Wolf's colorful, delicate and inspiring paintings. I had to study them for a while in order to realize that she creates her backgrounds from 17th century French or German paintings, then adds her own flower or fruit arrangements in the foreground. Many of the backgrounds consist of menagerie paintings, which I'd heard of but didn't quite understand. Allan explained they are French paintings featuring exotic animals. Sherrie's work reminds me of Janet Fish's paintings, which I love. I definitely have to learn more about Sherrie's work!


Broadsides at the 23 Sandy Gallery

I'd never heard of a Broadside until Lower Columbia College English Instructor Joe Green explained it to me. A form of book art, a Broadside is a combination of relief printing and letterpress printing. The 23 Sandy Gallery's Web site says Broadsides 'were developed in the fifteenth century for royal proclamations, official notices and even advertisements.' Today they are the intersection between literature and art.

Seen above is Allan viewing the show. The piece directly in front of him is Joe Green's Broadside of William Stafford's poem, Meditation, with relief printing by Joe's wife Marquita. Allan said he took a class once from William Stafford!

That's the end of my First Thursday highlights! It was one of the best First Thursdays I've ever attended!

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Celeste Bergin said...

Marie, what a good reporter you are--! I loved reading all this and I also admire these artists. What beautiful work! Thanks for sharing First Thursday with those of us who didn't get there. I'll try to see all these shows this month. Thanks again!