Friday, October 16, 2009


Rhody #1 - oil on panel - 12 x 16

I resurrected this painting because I was happy to learn it was published in this year's edition of Crosscurrents, the annual magazine of the Washington Community College Humanities Association (WCCHA).

I hadn't heard of Crosscurrents before Ray Cooper, art instructor at Lower Columbia College, invited me to submit my artwork. Since then I've unearthed a previous year's issue and liked it very much. So it was an honor to be included this year.

The WCCHA is a state-wide network of humanities faculty whose goal is to foster creative thought, craft and instruction at the community-college level.

In his Crosscurrents President's message, Jared Leising of Cascadia Community College writes that it is difficult to 'quantitatively' measure the value of the humanities. He says, "One need only read an issue of Crosscurrents to understand this organization means a great deal to students in this state and the people who are teaching them."

As one of those former students I believe in the power of the humanities: art, poetry, music and theatre. Where would any of us be without it in our lives?

That's something to think about!

~Special thanks to Ray Cooper for coordinating artwork for Crosscurrents.

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Hello! I liked this one.