Friday, September 25, 2009

Meringue Angel

Meringue Angel - original oil on canvas - 36 x 48 - available

I have always loved figure work. As a girl I drew ladies from fashion magazines. In high school I painted portraits of my friends. In college I labored over Michelangelo-like folds of drapery, sketches of hands, and details in fur and feathers.

So it makes sense that one day I'd return to painting what I love most; figures. This is my first in quite a while. Her name is Meringue Angel, because the shape reminds me of that soft and fluffy white frosting on top of a cake. Mixing up the white paint and then layering it on the canvas felt like frosting a cake.

Hopefully I'll find a place to hang her!


Celeste Bergin said...

well this is quite an amazing painting! I like everything about it!

Apple said...

Gorgeous!! :)

Van said...

When you do find a suitable place for your Angel to hang, please make sure that she has room to fly. She is so lifelike that it appears that she is getting ready to spring forth at any moment. She is "engaging"