Saturday, September 05, 2009

Iphone Sunflowers and a visit to the Lawrence Gallery

Iphone Sunflower paintings, done while waiting!

It's so boring having to sit and wait. What's an artist to do? Genius iphone! The top image was done while waiting for my doctor's appointment, the bottom while getting my hair weaved. The time just flew by, while normally I'd be tapping my feet and itching to get going.
Both were inspired by sunflowers from my garden together with sunflower paintings by Vincent Van Gogh. The bottom one was inspired by my favorite of all, Four Cut Sunflowers. Allan painted a copy for me and it hangs in our dining room. I kept it in my mind as I was iphone painting.
After my hair appointment we headed for Art in the Pearl held every Labor Day. Of course we had to park a mile away and hike in. On the way we stopped at the Lawrence Gallery and saw paintings by Margret Short. I'd heard of her before, but never seen her work up close. It's magnificent. She's a classical painter in the style of Rembrandt. She's done paintings based on her travels in Italy and Egypt. They were small works, but oh so rich and vibrant. I'd be interested to know if she offers workshops.
It was a very nice day, with still plenty of time to get to my easel !
~ I will keep the brush happy in my hand! ~

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