Friday, August 14, 2009

A Wedding Gift

A Wedding Gift - 8 x 10 - watercolor (top) Working Area (bottom)
We were invited to attend the wedding of two wonderful and special young people we've known since childhood. It was beautiful! I debated the gift for a long time, contemplating toasters, blenders, towels, rugs and all the home paraphernalia listed on the gift registries. Earlier we'd gone to a wedding shower and had a tour of the couple's new home. I was amazed at the bride's choice of chocolate brown and teal blue/green interior wall colors. I thought they were pretty bold colors, but I liked then anyway.
So on the day of the wedding I decided to gift a painting, instead of going shopping. People who know me well have to put up with my paintings as gifts. But no one has complained so far!
I picked out a reference photo of a white poppy left over from another painting, and used watercolors since it needed to be dry and in the frame that day. I tried to use browns and blue/greens so it would match their walls. Above is the painting, and my work station.
~ I will keep the brush happy in my hand! ~

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