Friday, August 21, 2009

Daily Painting # 58: Little Bird

Daily Painting #58: Little Bird - oil on panel - 4" x 4"
I haven't made a daily painting in almost a year! My Dad gave me this little brass bird long ago. I was in between paintings and decided to see if I could capture the twinkling brass and sparkling highlights.

I really like Duane Keiser's daily paintings. He spent over a year making one small painting every day. Since he started the practice, many artists have adopted the painting-a-day habit, even starting a Daily Painting Gallery. Although I can't claim the same, every once in a while life seems rather complicated and it makes me want to simplify painting as much as possible. I can't get tired of something if I only work on it for one day. Since it's so small, if I mess up it's no great loss. It's refreshing (and a great stress reliever) to reduce painting to it's simplest form; putting paint on a surface all at once, and then just moving on. This is my 58th daily painting, so I guess that's something. I imagine I'll keep making them whenever the inspiration strikes, even if it's only once a year.

~ I will keep the brush happy in my hand! ~

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