Saturday, August 15, 2009

Art in the Park

We had just enough time to stroll through Art in the Park sponsored by The Columbian Artists Association. They did a great job organizing the event! There were tents with different types of artwork including fine paintings, ceramics and jewelry. We saw many of our fellow artists there, all happy to be participating and thankful the weather was clear and
not raining.
Watercolorist Carol Boudreau posed for a picture. We love her watercolor paintings! I bought a packet of her cards and we visited for a bit.
Thanks to all the members of the Columbian Artists Association for organizing this event! And thanks to City of Longview Parks and Recreation for providing spaces for artists to share their works at Lake Sacajawea Park. It's always a great place to showcase special people and activities in Longview!
~I will keep the brush happy in my hands!~

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