Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rhody #10

Rhody #10: Ann's Rhody - 16 x 20 - oil on canvas
Finished at last. The background morphed from what I'd originally envisioned. Thank you to Ann Chaikin of Bellingham, Wa., who granted permission to work from her beautiful photo. You can also see it on her blog.
I started this painting as a demonstration at the Salal Spring Arts Festival. I thought it would be quick work to finish it at home. Boy was I wrong. Maybe if I'd worked more consistently instead of taking a Mitch Baird painting workshop, started another painting, and compulsively watching all the Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett specials on TV, I might have finished it sooner.
But oh well. I like the finished product. I added it to my collection of Rhododendron paintings.
Here's the painting Allan just finished. I love the composition. He practiced his Mitch Baird painting skills.
Now I need to get busy and finish the painting I started while I was still in the middle of this one!
~ I will keep the brush happy in my hand! ~

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