Saturday, May 02, 2009

Staring Back: Portraiture at the Sixth Street Gallery

Opening Reception for Staring Back: Portraiture at the Sixth Street Gallery
The opening reception was well attended. The paintings were wonderful, by far the best we've seen this year at the Sixth Street Gallery. There were so many wonderful portraits. We had a chance to talk to Marcus Gannuscio and he posed for a picture in front of his largest painting (top image).
You can see my painting (second from bottom). Yup, that's me in the red scarf, thus the name of my painting: Red Scarf!
Afterwards we walked uptown to the Aurora Gallery and met the artist Bev Jozwiak. Her watercolors are so inspiring. She also paints in acrylic. I always thought good watercolor paintings involved applying tedious layers of watered-down paint. But Bev said she pretty much paints them in one shot. How intriguing! I came home and got out my watercolors. I figure if she can do it, so can I. We'll see.

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Betty Evans said...

Hi Marie, Your portraits are so fabulous. I know how difficult and tedious they are to do but they are so worth it. Have you ever thought of doing personalized portraits of people and animals. Not sure how you feel about doing animals but I can see how great you are with people. You go girl. Your trip to NY sounded great and having been there I was re-living my own trip. Your cousin, Betty. I'm so proud of you