Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Mary's Poppies - Day 1

Mary's Poppies - 30 x 40 - oil on canvas
Day 1
Mary has a new little place that needs some color. I offered to make a big bright painting for her living room.
I brought over several canvases and we picked out one that fit best. Then she and I sat on the floor with our glasses of wine and sketched out the composition with brown and orange conte. We used a big jug of fake poppies for inspiration. The cat knocked it over twice.
When I got home I roughed in the drawing with Yellow Ochre and Cobalt Blue oil paint thinned with Liquin to a sort of greenish yellow. From there I plan to start blocking in the colors.
I'll post each day's progress, until Mary's Poppies is finished. Then we hope to have an unveiling, along with some wine and snacks!

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