Thursday, April 30, 2009

Red Scarf

Red Scarf - 18 x 24 - oil on canvas (top)
Detail from Red Scarf (bottom)
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Red Scarf is my third portrait of the year. Right now I'm not sure I'll do another. Portraits are excruciating, exhausting and time consuming. The slightest error can wreak havok, and they require intense concentration. This painting entailed many layers of glazed colors, plus late-stage corrections to the eyes, mouth and nose. Yup, you guessed it, that's me.
Red Scarf will be on display at the Staring Back: Portraiture exhibit at the Sixth Street Gallery in May. On delivery day Allan and I marveled at all the wonderful portraits accepted into the show. They made mine seem insignificant, particularly the life size portraits by Marcus Gannuscio. Marcus showed next to me back in December 2007 at the now defunct Rake Gallery in Portland. I thought he was extraordinarily talented then, and still do.
We plan to attend the opening reception tomorrow night and I'll snap some pictures and post them here. Stay tuned. I think I'll wear a red scarf!

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