Sunday, March 01, 2009

Save the Bats

Save the Bats - 5 x 7 - graphite
A small pencil drawing about bats in keeping with my idea to create a series of drawings about environmental subjects. Inspired by two graphite artists I discovered recently: Terry Miller and Monica Baustert-Sweetser. I mentioned Terry Miller in my post on Coal Plant last month. Monica's ad about botanical portraits in Art Business News led me to her website and subsequent interest in her drawings.
The intensive process of stroking a sharpened pencil across a piece of paper thousands of times in an effort to create a recognizable composition has the ability to stop time and calm my mind. It's like entering a time warp where nothing exists except the artwork. Back in high school (a long time ago) my best friend Irene and I spent whole weekends creating detailed pencil drawings. Today our lives and jobs are far removed from the art world, but I know the artist still lives in us.
This drawing is an improvement over Coal Plant. I maintained a more delicate touch with the blacks, building them up by holding back on the softest black pencils until the end. That's the hardest part; patience.
Dave, here's your wind turbine!

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