Saturday, March 21, 2009

Poseidon - fini

Poseidon - 18 x 24 - oil on canvas (top)
Study for Poseidon - 9 x 12 - gouache on paper (bottom)
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Poseidon is finished at last and ready for the Columbian Artists Association 33rd Annual Spring Juried show, coming up next week. I'm also entering Klimt Scarf, my first portrait done this year (Poseidon is my second).
My model, the mighty Sea God himself, critiqued the final painting stages and advised against adding dripping blood to the pointy tips of his trident, as I'd done in the study. "Don't get carried away," he said, while graphically demonstrating how he'd go about spearing a naughty human with that very same trident!
I take it he's satisfied with the result, as am I, although not that happy with the overall process, which was tedious. My medium mixtures have already been adjusted in my third portrait, to be shared later.
The murky blue-green sea depths and more translucent water at the top are what I was trying to convey, as if he is emerging from the sea floor to say, this is my turf!
With that, I think I'll dare to ask Mr. mighty Sea God himself if he can fix that leaking faucet downstairs? !

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