Saturday, March 28, 2009


Decay - 5 x 7 - graphite on paper

This is my third pencil drawing this year after being inspired to return to the world of detail by Terry Miller and Monica Baustert-Sweetser. The leaf inspiration came from a tramp through the property below ours with my cat to find some old, decaying, yet interesting things that I could draw in black and white. The cat had a great time; I got a lot of mud on my shoes! I found dried up blackberry branches, moldy weeds, a lot of rabbit holes, and other gunk. There were quite a few strewn and decaying leaves from neighboring property owner's trees and I picked up these two to draw. Voila. I also named this series Earth Portraits.

On another note, Allan won an award for his painting Plein Air Pete's, AKA Poker Pete's Pizza at the Columbian Artists 33rd Annual Juried Spring Show. He was surprised and quite proud of himself. Congratulations! Several people commented to us at the opening reception that they love the pizza there, as do we!

And finally, although I haven't accomplished much lately, I did sell my painting Dande Wind through REimaginations. It was purchased by someone at the Ontario Energy Board in Canada. I hope they like it!

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