Saturday, February 14, 2009

Klimt Scarf

Klimt Scarf (top image) - 16" x 20" - oil on panel
Study for Klimt Scarf (bottom image) - 9" x 12" - gouache on paper
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In keeping with my plan to paint people in 2009, here's my first portrait. Keep in mind it's my first portrait in eons, and I haven't worked out all the intricacies of flesh mixtures yet. But in my opinion it's a benchmark I can use to measure future progress, and I happen to love the model (and that scarf) very much!
I primed this panel with oil-based gesso, creating a smoother surface, while still allowing texture effects. And I didn't use any medium in my paint, which is new for me, resulting in each layer taking several days to dry. I had to find other projects to occupy myself, which led to my pencil explorations.
Also, I didn't paint a Verdaccio, which I will in my next painting. Not having that green map of light and shadow made it difficult to paint the actual shadows.
For the background I smushed a bunch of bright colors around; which was fun! The little goauche study allowed me to work out the light and dark areas, and give me a better idea of what I really wanted to paint, instead of having to guess when I actually started painting.
So for my next painting, already in the works, I want to practice more painterly brushstrokes, and capture more character.


Vickie Jean @ Zazou said...

Hi there,

May I ask where you got that Klimt scarf?

I work for a scarf company and we have an Homage to Klimt scarf, but this one doesn't look like ours.

Just curious - great blog too -
Vickie @ Zazou

Marie Wise said...

I recall getting it in a garden/gift type shop somewhere in Southwest Washington. I loved it so much I put it into my painting!