Thursday, February 05, 2009

Coal Plant

Coal Plant, drawing by Marie Wise Coal Plant - 5 x 7 - graphite on illustration board
My March issue of The Artist magazine had an article about artists over 60. I read it with interest because, well, 60 isn't that far away. One of the artists, Terry Miller, does detailed graphite drawings. I thought that was neat because I used to love to draw, but I haven't done anything in years. So I Googled Terry and found his blog, which inspired me to try a little graphite drawing myself. Here it is: Coal Plant. Since pencil is black and white, I chose a subject that contains a lot of black; coal. Plus it continues my Power of the Wind environmental theme focusing on wind energy. It's definitely cleaner, wind that is, not graphite. I smeared a lot of graphite dust around, but fortunately gum erasers take it right off. I think I'll try another in keeping with an environmental focus, but the subject has to contain black. Bats! Just like Bats, Butterflies and the Wind. Stay tuned.

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Terry Miller said...

Hi Marie,
Thanks for the 'mention' and for commenting on my graphite work. Since that issue has come out, I have heard from many and that is very nice.