Sunday, December 07, 2008

starting a new painting: Harvest Wind

from the top
Harvest Wind - 30 x 40 - on the easel in my studio
Study for Harvest Wind - 8 x 10 - on the mini easel in my studio
Harvest Wind - up close
Harvest Wind - with the first coat of sky colors
Whoa. You're probably looking at this and going--what is that! I admit, I got a little carried away with the red underpainting. My book on classical painting techniques says underpaintings should never be darker than a Level 7, which is equivalent to a pastel pink, not a screaming scarlet. Unfortunately, I read that after I'd put on the underpainting. So carry on I shall.
This is the last painting I'll finish for Power of the Wind. The inspiration came from Vincent Van Gogh's Wheat Fields Under a Clouded Sky, which reminds me so much of the wheat fields in eastern Washington glowering under a storm-brewing sky. It's also inspired by the Harvest Wind project, a Cowlitz PUD wind farm project that if built, will expand the White Creek project near Roosevelt, Washignton (which also inspired my paintings White Creek Wind and Green Wind).
So several of my paintings have ties to Van Gogh, as well as Cowlitz PUD wind farm projects! They will all be on display at:
Power of the Wind
Rose Center for the Arts
January 8 - 23, 2009
Opening Reception, January 8: 4:30 - 7 pm
Sincerely, Marie
Paint the Wind!

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Keith Skibare said...

the Wind Advocates of the world appreciatte your WIND Drawings