Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Holiday Sunflower Wish on this Wintery Weather Day

Holiday Sunflowers - 9" x 12" - oil on panel by Allan and Marie (top)
Wintery Weather Scenes from our Deck (below)
A holiday sunflower wish to you and yours!
Allan and I chose an artistic holiday card this year. Inspired by husband-wife artists, we decided to make a painting together! Allan selected the sunflower theme, based on our summer sunflower garden, and drew the design onto a panel. We took turns painting it. Our strengths compensated for each other's weaknesses, mine being too much fussy detail. All-in-all, we like our painting, had it printed onto a card, and mailed it to our friends and family. Voila.
This week a storm descended on the Northwest. We are snug and safe in our house, with nowhere to go and time to paint! The winter vista is Zhivago-ish in its serenity, but baby it's cold out there! Yesterday I put my car into the ditch. Fortunately there was no damage except a small scrape on my front bumper, in spite of landing just two inches from a city fire hydrant! Thank goodness for the local towing company.
Allan shared on his blog too. Happy Holidays to you and yours! Don't forget my January show:
Power of the Wind
Lower Columbia College Art Gallery
Rose Center for the Arts
January 8 - 23, 2009
Opening Reception, January 8: 4:30 - 7 pm
Sincerely, Marie
Paint the Wind!


Dar Presto said...

The collaboration was a great idea, and the piece turned out so wonderfully! Sorry to hear about the car accident. Luckily it wasn't too bad. Holiday blessings to you and Allan.

Martha Marshall said...

Beautiful pictures! And I love the sunflower. Nice to discover your blog.