Saturday, November 01, 2008

starting a new painting: Morning Wind

Morning Wind - 48" x 60" - oil on canvas (top image)
I started another painting. Here's the preliminary steps, from the top:
  • Sienna tones blocked in, ready for color (this is the 48" x 60" canvas)
  • Sienna tones on small 5" x 7" practice painting I use to test out colors
  • Gouache study (8" x 12")
  • Sketchbook page with idea notes

Originally, my inspiration was to create paintings showing wind turbines at morning, noon and night--or sunset. I finished the noon one, Noon Clouds and the Wind last May. It shows a massive turbine in the mid-day light. This one will be morning. And I did paint a small 5 x 7 study of a wind turbine at sunset, which sold recently, but I want to do a bigger one.

It was Allan's idea to add a Great Blue Heron on the bank in the foreground, and he found a reference photo for me. I think the heron fits nicely with the theme of these paintings--wind turbines in natural environments. Stay tuned for progress!

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GeL (Emerald Eyes) said...

Hi Marie,
I just came from (your husband's? blog- not sure if he's a different relative). Your work is fresh and clean. I greatly enjoy reading and seeing your process.

I viewed several posts - wonderful treat, for I'm an artist, too. Oils are not my medium, so I have great respect for those who paint in such. (I'm allergic to using them.)

I shall bookmark you.