Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Power of the Wind - January 2009 - #1

Lower Columbia College Art Gallery
January 2009
The holidays are approaching fast, and I'm going to be really busy!
I just found out my Power of the Wind show proposal has been approved by Lower Columbia College, which means I'm scheduled to show my wind turbine paintings in the Rose Center Art Gallery in January 2009.
I've been working on a way to show these paintings for so long; it's exciting to know it's actually going to happen! I'm pretty sure there hasn't been a show devoted to wind energy by a single artist, anywhere in the nation, ever. So this is very unique!
I'm planning to blog frequently as I get ready for the show, so stay tuned and feel free to tell your friends and sign up on my e-mail list.
You can preview the paintings in my Power of the Wind e-zine, or view them on my website.
Paint the wind!

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Scott in Washington said...

Congratulations Marie! I really enjoyed looking at the wind power images on your website and am looking forward to your show in January.