Sunday, October 26, 2008

starting a new painting: White Creek Wind

White Creek Wind - 30" x 40" - oil on canvas
Here's the new painting I'm working on. From the top:
  • Latest version, with umber tones blocked in on the canvas (it's ready for color now)
  • Preliminary drawing on canvas with water soluable colored pencil
  • Gouache study #1
  • Gouache study #2
  • Sketchbook page with idea notes

This painting was inspired by several sources:

  • Photos Allan took of the White Creek wind turbines from 1-84 in the Gorge, on his way to the Tri-Cities
  • Seeing the components for this wind farm unloaded from ships at the Port of Longview.
  • Seeing the components for this wind farm being transported south on I-5 by schnable trailer for delivery to the construction site
  • An article in the Longview Daily News about the White Creek Wind project.

Stay tuned for more posts on this painting!

1 comment:

Dar Presto said...

Cool, I like seeing the steps you take to envision and begin the project. Do you paint directly over the water soluble pencil? That seems like such a useful technique, particularly with the very slender arms of the turbines. I like the posture and gestures of the windmills.