Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Dancer, after Gustav Klimt - fini

The Dancer - after Gustav Klimt (top) 24 x 36 - oil on canvas
Detail from The Dancer (second) 5 x 7 - oil on panel
The Dancer hanging
Here she is, come alive at last. The Dancer. She took me on a unexpected journey, from which I learned a lot about subtle and delicate flesh colors and layering strokes of paint. She's given me inspiration to try another one, only my own composition this time.
The second painting is the little study I worked on at the same time. I tried out colors and strokes before I used them on the bigger canvas.
Below the study are three pictures of her hanging in my bedroom. In the first one, you can see my painting of Danae on the wall above my bed, with The Dancer on the right. I have a Klimt bedroom! I realy love the way Gustav Klimt painted women.
So you can see the progression, here's my blog post on the underpainting of The Dancer and the smaller one

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Coleen said...

You are so talented! Love your work.