Thursday, September 25, 2008

my vacation: Santa Fe - Two Pedernals

The Pedernal - 5 x 7 (top), 7 x 10 (bottom) - watercolor
Here's my next post on my painting vacation to Santa Fe, New Mexico. On our second day we visited Abiquiu, the small town where Georgia O'Keeffe had her winter home. We met Leo Garcia, whose father was Miss O'Keeffe's chaeuffer and gardener. Leo is a woodcarver with a small gallery in Abiquiu. He gave us directions to Abiquiu Reservoir, with one of the most magnificent views of the Pedernal.
The Pedernal is the flat-topped mountain that Georgia O'Keeffe painted over and over again. According to the book I bought, The Genizaro & The Artist, by Leo's father Napoleon Garcia, Miss O'Keeffe believed that if she painted The Pedernal enough times, she could have it. As it turns out, when she died in 1986 her ashes were scattered across the top of this mountain. (I wonder whose job it was to do that?)
We returned several times to paint at this location. The Pedernal was very beautiful, and Abiquiu Reservoir had a covered picnic table (very handy for painting) and restrooms. These are two small paintings I did of The Pedernal, en plein air, at Abiquiu Reservoir.
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