Sunday, September 28, 2008

my vacation: Santa Fe - another Pedernal

View of the mountain next to The Pedernal - 7 x 10 - watercolor
This isn't The Pedernal, it's a mountain just south of it. I tried to capture the evening colors but the light was changing very fast. The location we were painting at was the same one we'd painted the previous day, when we painted The Pedernal. As evening drew near, the sky began to change into beautiful colors; oranges and purples and greys. We snapped some pictures. This painting doesn't begin to capture how beautiful it looked. I wish I could go back there. New Mexico is a magical place.

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Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Marie, I just came back from Santa Fe yesterday (my first visit) and already I'm missing it! I really fell in love with the entire area. I drove back to Albuquerque via the Turquoise Trail, and my mouth was hanging open the whole time (and no easel with me!)