Sunday, August 17, 2008


Poppyscape - 16" x 16" (each) - oil on canvas
I finished this painting a while ago, but all the wedding planning kept me from painting anything else these last few weeks. We finally had the wedding yesterday and it was awesome. Afterwards everyone was just exhaused--but very happy. So today I vegged 'til noon then decided I had to get back into doing some art so I photographed this painting at last.

It's a series of three paintings meant to be a landscape of our poppy garden, but each painting could hang on its own. I met Tamara English at the Mark Woolley gallery at July First Thursday and her gardenscapes inspired me to try one of my own. I tried to capture the feeling of the poppies instead of copying a photo. I also put in lots of dandelions that are growing there as well!

The last picture in this post is all three paintings leaning up against the glass panel of our deck. You can see the river view in the distance.

Well that's about all I can accomplish for today. Next week it's back to finishing the two other paintings that I've been putting off all these weeks while the wedding planning was underway.

Hooray for weddings! I now have a wonderful son-in-law!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

My Studio on Saturday

I should be painting but it's been a busy month with the wedding coming up and I can't seem to get much done. So I snapped this photo of my studio. Things get a little messy when I have several paintings in progress, and you can see all my references and 'stuff' on the floor, including the cat. On the easel is the first of a series I hope to work on called 'Fabricscapes' that explores fabric texture and symbols. This one is called 'Primary' because of the three primary colors I'm using. You can see the fabrics sitting on the floor. Usually the cat just lays right on my fabric, but for some reason she chose the rug this time. Leaning against the wall to the left is the other painting in progress: 'Green Wind.' It's upside down and I'm waiting for the thick greens and yellows to dry so I can go back in and work them some more. Also the sky, clouds and turbines need more work. I really, really want to start another painting because these two have been dragging on for so long, but I know if I do then I'll have three unfinished paintings instead of two, and it's just better to finish these first.

After the wedding it's back to the easel, seriously. No more shopping! I have to get some work done. Until then.....

PS: here's my studio on flickr.