Saturday, June 07, 2008

Yellow Iris at Lake Sacajawea

Yellow Iris at Lake Sacajawea - 11 x 14 - oil on panel
done en plein air on Sunday, June 1, 2008
The day was cool and overcast, and we weren't sure we could paint without getting rained on. But the rain held off for 45 minutes so I could finish this painting. Because I was working so fast, I put the paint on really thick and loose, and didn't try to make it perfect. I guess the formula is not to have any expectations about a painting, that way it can't fail!
I think last Sunday was the last day it didn't rain. This whole week has been drab and cold for June. I haven't been able to walk and my back hurts from hunching over a computer so much. I think that means I need to exercise more and get back to doing Pilates!
The second image is a close up of the painting so you can see how thick and juicy the paint is. I hope you like this painting, and I hope the sun shines soon!

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