Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Yellow Wind

Yellow Wind - oil on panel - 12" x 16"
I got to thinking about primary colors: red, yellow and blue, and how cool it would be to paint "primary wind!"
So this is my first primary: Yellow Wind. I used every color of yellow oil paint in my painting caddy, and that includes colors bordering on orange. Some of the dull tones that look almost greenish came from Yellow Ochre, which when you layer it on orange or cool yellow, looks almost green/brown.
It was lovely to paint on this panel, the paint blended like silk.
I hope to complete Red Wind and Blue Wind soon!
That will round out my series on primary wind! Then maybe I will start a series of secondary wind, which naturally would include green wind!

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Dar Presto said...

It is beautiful. I'm very excited about your wind series. Your paintings give voice to an important issue.